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Hotel Cleaning

Hotel Cleaning

Hotel Commercial Cleaning West Monroe LA

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“We Get the Grime and Dirt That Others Leave Behind!” For clean, bright, carpet and shiny floors,
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Doing everything from REAL ESTATE cleans, MOVE IN, and OUT cleans, all done TOP to BOTTOM to satisfy your cleaning needs ! Johnson Advance Cleaning believes in Quality Service, and working hard to do the job right!

We don’t charge for our bids. However, we do charge for our service calls, but this will be waived once hired. Stripping, waxing, sanding, staining, sealing, and restoring any floor & Carpet cleaning needs. Johnson Advance Cleaning performs general cleaning needs, carpet cleaning, some pressure washing, window cleaning, restoring floor shine, coating, and small repairs. We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back! If a cause is reasonable.

Auto Car Dealership Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services

For Hotel Cleaning Services, CONTACT the best commercial cleaning and janitorial services company in Monroe, LA, for GUARANTEED results!

Let’s give you a few reasons why selecting Johnson Advanced Cleaning for hospitality cleaning solutions that will supply you with the very satisfied guests.

1. Training: With the most comprehensive training in the in which measurable cleaning equals GUARANTEED results!

2. Flexible Scheduling: Our Johnson Advanced team will work with you to provide flexible commercial 5-star cleaning schedules, and special events support We guarantee 100% your satisfaction with them.

3. A+ multiple cleaning processes: By disinfecting all meters, walls, fixtures, fittings, and push plates with begins with a clean restroom. By disinfecting all meters, walls, fixtures, fittings, and push plates with all our microfiber fabrics farewell cleanliness! Carpet & Hard Floor Professionals , Our multiple cleaning processes keep carpets and hard flooring.

Hotel Cleaning Monroe Louisiana

Having a good, professional hotel janitorial cleaning company near you in Louisiana which keeps your office or home shinning and beautiful, it’s just one more reason your guests will want to return guests are the number one priority. We understand. Hotel cleanness is among one of the number one factors with regards to hotel loyalty. Since the hotel industry is extremely competitive, Your client’s degree of excellence by creating a customized cleaning program that benefits your caliber of hotel cleaning solutions & degree of excellence by creating a customized cleaning program that demonstrates it. That is why Johnson Advanced Cleaning take hotel cleaning to another and a clean environment level for your clients, and a clean environment for your organization.

Carpet Cleaning / Steam Cleaning West Monroe LA

Our carpet steam cleaning is the most affordable in all West Monroe and the surrounding areas. It is possible to call it Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Shampooing, or Carpet Steam Cleaning, but we provide the best outcomes possible because we have a system that heats and powers our cleaning equipment, which exceeds over hot water. This allows us to create steam from our water filtration system. The value of this equipment is $25,000, so you understand, are you getting the best carpet.

Our steam cleaning support entails a 4-step procedure: (1) We spray down our special pre-spray which levitates the dirt and soil which activates the steaming procedure (2) Then, we utilize our warm water extraction process “Steam” that permits us to introduce a clean and fresh look to your carpets. (3) The truck-mounted steaming system extracts the dirt, soil, and grime from the outside and filtered back into our truck. This allows us to achieve what family vacuums can’t. (4) Then, we employ our new scent deodorizer, thus creating your carpeting smell fresh and looking brand new.

Pet Treatment

We neutralize and steam clean the carpet or areas; then, go back with the peroxide option to care for the actual stains. Your technician will determine this upon performing the job which is a 50/50 chance. Many common household cleaners have. We tackle the repugnant odor. We can 100 percent grantee to eliminate the odor. With our patented formula, we let Mother Nature do her job; the odor is the food source for its good bacteria (Enzyme) depending on the amount of treatment discussed by our technician. If it smells like a dog, two treatments could be taken by it. This process has worked for several decades. It takes up to two days by the time.

Soil Filtration

Soil Filtration – Are your air filters clean? Did you know that your home traps an unprecedented number of bad allergens? Called Dust, which is floating dead skin cells. Guess who additionally hitches a ride Dust-mite, etc.. To maintain a wholesome living environment, we recommend you clean or replace your air filters every 90 days. Make sure that you write the date on back or the side. In so doing, you will eliminate about 80 percent of your cleaning needs. When dirt, soil, and dust come into your house it should be caught by the filter. “RIGHT” well, it will depend upon the excellent air filter you use, and how many times you change it? Whenever you don’t.

The debris and dust. Has nowhere to stream. It collects on the walls, ceiling, thus falling on time inducing”Soil Filtration” which are black lines across the baseboards. This substance can cause severe health issues. Such as chronic Allergies. Breathing issues. And traps germs, and viruses. Over time, this may blow your Ac compressor since it can not breathe. Like an engine in a car. Our solution – change out the filters every 90 days and vacuum regularly. This is just as important as getting your oil changed in your car !

Cities we serve in Ouachita Parish Louisiana

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What If Soil Filtration exists in my home ?

We do a deep pre-vacuum with our services. We pre-treat the black lines with our patient formula, let it dwell for 10mins. Our solution will levitate the soils and undesirable hazards into the surface then we utilize our unique”Soil filtration” tool to extract the bi-product away, leaving your home in a wholesome environment. Filtration is exactly like a car without oil changes; this will cause gunk and buildup over time this breaking mechanics work labor and high invoices that are unnecessary.


“Words can not describe how happy I am with Johnson Advance Cleaning. He has gone above and beyond in every way possible. They treated us better than anyone I have ever worked with. They not only help move us and cover what the other moving company did not do. Nothing but hard work and heart! They would not even accept a soda from us. They are the most amazing company I have dealt with ever. From the bottom of my soul, I recommend them for everything they can do! The things that they did for me and my mother, I can’t even begin to start raving enough about!!! Nothing but honest and respectfully !”
Kathy W. in Farmerville, LA

five star reviews

“Where do I start ? I believe I got more for my money with Paul & his crew than I’ve gotten in a long time. Paul is a quiet, professional, and respectful young man who knows what his customers want and delivers more than 100% of what you will be expecting. His crew is also very professional and respectful, and they are ready to work when they arrive. I am very pleased with Paul and will be hiring him again as the need arises.”
Brendatest F. in West Monroe, LA

five star reviews

“This is a GREAT company, very professional and efficient. I would highly recommend them, and they are very reasonable !!! I will do business again in the future. Thanks for everything.”
Kameshia M. in Delhi, LA

five star reviews

“Very professional and hard-working team ! Paul makes sure to walk you through the house after the job is completed to inspect the work and see if anything is missed, so if they miss something and you don’t catch it, then it’s just going to be missed. I was very satisfied with the job I gave them and will be bringing them back for more work.”
Chad D. in Sterlington, LA

five star reviews

“This company provided a fantastic service. They went above and beyond to meet my expectations. His professionalism is amazing, and I never felt so great about spending money. His attention to detail was extremely good, and I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.”
Lemont N. in Vicksburg, MS

five star reviews

“My experience was excellent. Mr. Johnson and his crew came into a very difficult situation and did a wonderful job of cleaning and preserving y home. I am in the process of moving, and I can complete a very difficult job with much more ease because of the work done by Mr. Johnson and his crew. I would DEFINITELY recommend this service to anyone who might need deep house cleaning. I was pleased with the work the progress of the work and the price overall for the hard work that was done. Thank you very much for suggesting this company tome.”
Kathy W. in Delhi, LA

five star reviews

“Yes, Paul’s work was done very well. I love the way he was on time and knew what he was doing. Paul was very nice and went beyond to do the house cleaning right and the floor he cleaned and a seal was shiny and beautiful when he finish, thank you so much for sending Johnson Advance Cleaning the do my cleaning.”
Mary D. in Winfield, LA

five star reviews

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