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Building Maintenance Tips to make for Fall & Winter

Building Maintenance Tips to make for Fall & Winter

Building Maintenance Tips to make for Fall & Winter

Lafayette Building Maintenance Tips to Make for Fall & Winter Shreveport LA

From the current Lafayette summertime, the very last thing you’re probably thinking about is winter building maintenance. But now’s the opportunity to be forward-thinking about how to protect your building in the wintertime.

Cold days and even more frigid Lafayette and Lake Charles and Shreveport LA nights are on the horizon. Last winter, the area experienced many storms, so you want to begin safeguarding your commercial facility for the low temperatures and poor weather which will come.

Here are some tried-and-true winter care tips for your facility.

Building Inspection

Get started by conducting a general construction inspection to determine the status of every portion of the building. Note areas that need repair. Be sure to check the heating system and all windows and doors for weather-stripping and appropriate seals. Examine the attic and roof for leaks and check all exterior faucets.


While you ought to always clean out the building’s gutters frequently, it is imperative to act before the winter comes. Your channels will need to route water correctly, and you certainly don’t need them to back up with ice and snow in a winter storm since that can easily lead to excessive water that leads to roof leaks and other damage. You might even consider pruning any trees which hang onto the roof and also clog gutters.

Safeguard Against Power Outages

Louisiana Power outages are common in the winter in Monroe and West Monroe, Louisiana, and when your company falls victim to one, it may be hazardous in addition to money. Get prepared with an emergency back up plan. Make sure all your building tenants in Shreveport or other city’s know the strategy. Also, make sure the construction is well-equipped with essential emergency supplies such as flashlights, extra batteries, and a first aid kit.

Cooling System Prep

From time to time, it gets cold enough in the LAKE CHARLES AND SHREVEPORT LA area for building cooling systems to be completely closed off during the wintertime. And plumbing will need to be emptied. In case you choose to leave the cooling system on, it might need antifreeze or have immersion coils to heat water.

Section of your HVAC care ought to be cleaning all filters. This task should be- done year-round since the air filters are the significant determinant of the building’s air quality. Change them frequently, but particularly before the winter months arrive, and you also make the transition from cooling to heating. When you clean filters regularly, you may extend the life of your heating and cooling components.

In particular, doors and windows will need to be- sealed from the elements. Ensure there are adequate caulking and weather stripping; these safeguards will save you money on energy costs. Roof review before the winter months is critical. We’ll inspect any roof and search for loose tiles, holes, or other damage or problems, especially around eaves and leaks. Ice dams can form in almost any roof area in the winter. Specifically, moisture can get under loose shingles or flashing and create substantial problems during winter, especially with heavy snow or ice accumulation.

Outdoor Water Sources

Frost-proof your hose bibs and faucets today. You can install frost-proof taps or purchase insulating material covers to keep them from freezing. Also, you will need to safeguard your irrigation system in winter. Johnson Advanced Cleaning in Lake Charles, Shreveport, & Lafayette, West Monroe, LA, provides a comprehensive inspection and support to ensure that you don’t have any broken pipes going into the winter months.


Prepping for winter security is essential. Inspect your rain downspouts in Shreveport & Lafayette to ensure they discharge water away from sidewalks or other traffic areas that can ice over Lake Charles and be potential slip and fall hazards in Shreveport. –but it also keeps the asphalt or concrete from deteriorating as fast. These repairs in Lake Charles, Shreveport, & Lafayette, West Monroe, LA, can save you lots of money in the future.

Hire a Professional in Lake Charles, Shreveport, & Lafayette, West Monroe LA

Winter maintenance in Lake Charles, Shreveport, & Lafayette, West Monroe, LA, is a crucial part of your general facility management program. Do it the right way in Lake Charles, Shreveport, & Lafayette, West Monroe, LA, to stay safe, and the construction remains efficient. Employ an expert. We’ve got all of the tools and equipment required to handle the project, and our team is highly trained and experienced.

We will appear with everything we will need to perform your winter care. During a winter review, we can typically run across a vast area of issues. Still, our team in Lake Charles, Shreveport, & Lafayette, West Monroe LA, is educated in all facets of maintenance in Lake Charles, Shreveport, & Lafayette, West Monroe LA so that we will do a professional job. We’re always on call as well. Emergencies do happen. The air heating or cooling systems may fail without warning, or a roof leak may suddenly occur. We will find a maintenance team at your facility as soon as possible.

Johnson Advanced Cleaning in Lake Charles, Shreveport, & Lafayette, West Monroe LA, is here for all your yearlong construction maintenance needs. Although it is hotter than blue blazes out right now in the Lafayette/Lake Charles and Shreveport LA area, it is never too early to start thinking about winterizing your facility. Give us a call today.

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