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A business was alerted that one of their staff was tested positive for Coronavirus

A business was alerted that one of their staff was tested positive for Coronavirus

5 May

A business was alerted that one of their staff was tested positive for Coronavirus

Nobody likes to hear the news of a business having to close their doors due to someone becoming seriously ill with an infectious virus, especially during a pandemic.

However, this was the case for one bar in Bridgend town centre. The Roof Night Club located on Market street often sees itself packed to the rafters with revellers soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying a good night. But after spending months closed due to the pandemic and the restrictions surrounding bars lifted, they once again re-opened their doors to the public. However, after being open for only a few weeks, they were alerted to one of their staff being positive for having Coronavirus and The Roof quickly set to work ensuring that their business was able to be a safe place for their staff and loyal customers once again.

They knew they needed a professional cleaning service to help decontaminate and sanitise their building to ensure that there was minimal risk of their staff and customers being infected with Coronavirus and enlisted the help of A&R Cleaning Services.

After receiving a phone call from The Roof, within half hour A&R quickly mobilised their commercial, specialist, decontamination team, to decontaminate and sanitise their business with the use of our bio-misting/fogging services using leading industry cleaning chemicals that are entirely safe for humans but can kill several infectious viruses, bacteria’s  and pathogens.

Once their cleaning team had put on all the relevant PPE, they deep cleaned all surfaces that staff and customers would be in contact with, using their superior virucidal cleaning products. Their team began bio-misting which involves spraying a fine mist of virucidal disinfectant – that has been tested and proven to kill 99.9999% of viruses on all areas including areas that cannot be reached by general cleaning methods. Once the disinfectant had dried onto all surfaces (including the hard to reach ones) and killed any infectious pathogens, it remains active for a further 7 days – reacting to any moisture that contain viruses (even microscopic). Providing The Roof’s staff and their customers complete protection and biosecurity against Coronavirus and many other infectious viruses.

Johnson Advanced Cleaning provides Commercial Cleaning Services in and around Baton Rouge, LA. Would you need Deep cleaning services in your business or office located in Baton Rouge, LA, reach out to us and ask what we use to Deep clean your premises. For more information or to book our services, call us on (318) 537-5312.

Courtesy: A&R Cleaning Services, UK